1. Smolder

  2. Insect Cult
    S. Pakhomov

  3. Neuroleptic Malignant

  4. I
    Kyrylo Shablevsky

  5. Après la Pluie, L'orage est Endormis
    Bâtards des Villes

  6. Return To The Island Of Cannibals
    Cannibal Meat Holocaust

  7. Tomb
    Writhe / Phonophobia

  8. Anatoma Tobeyoides

  9. Split
    Vomir / No-Joy

  10. Lying In Wait Within The Lion's Jaw
    James Shearman

  11. Forgotten Archives
    Sleep Column

  12. The Other Russian Tape

  13. E11
    Eurydyka \ MWroblewski

  14. Split
    I Corpi Presentano Tracce di Violenza Carnale / Corpseincinerating Furmace

  15. [2]

  16. Split
    I Corpi Presentano Tracce di Violenza Carnale / Bug Catcher

  17. Человечина
    Дядя Миша

  18. Split
    Shadow Figures / Train Cemetery

  19. [1]

  20. Split
    Anxietas / Raamma / DHNW / Corpseincinerating Furmace

  21. Cosmic Silence
    Cosmic Silence

  22. Dea: Intra Et Extra
    Praetermisissent Internum

  23. All Alone
    Train Cemetery

  24. Грязный мир
    Дискримінація видів / Условия Существования

  25. mnw-827

  26. Grand Goat Glorification
    Grand Goat Glorification

  27. Split
    死者の餌 / Richard Ramirez

  28. Yume Nikki: A Tribute

  29. Ужасающая Красота Ненависти
    Astral & Shit

  30. Perfect Blue

  31. Split
    N0123NOISE / Train Cemetery

  32. Friendship

  33. A Winter Morning
    James Shearman

  34. Better Be Dead

  35. Бытовые Отходы
    Условия Существования

  36. Air Creaks

  37. Инстинкт Cамоуничтожения
    Условия Существования

  38. Structures
    Wall Destruction

  39. Моє Місто
    Kyrylo Shablevsky

  40. Meathook Mutant
    Oasis Of The Zombies

  41. Jiaoblack

  42. Droning Stillness

  43. Units of Measurement
    Hoirkman Szeßht

  44. Winter Gift

  45. Beneath The Roots
    Train Cemetery

  46. Body Degeneration
    Oasis Of The Zombies

  47. Phallus Dei

  48. Raskolnikov

  49. Eerie Lurking On The Sensors
    Necrotik Fissure

  50. Brotherhood
    Eurydyka & Eter

  51. Cauldron Of The Cosmic Ogre

  52. Altered State Of Awareness
    Step Further Away

  53. Embrace

  54. Холодная Плоть Снежного Цветка
    Иван Сандаков

  55. Wallcore

  56. Ora affronterai il mare delle tenebre, e ciò che in esso vi è di esplorabile
    I Corpi Presentano Tracce di Violenza Carnale

  57. Sound Laboratory I
    Sound Research Center

  58. Blossoming Of A Dream (Full Edition)
    Ivan Sandakov

  59. Domina Pro Domina
    Praetermisissent Internum

  60. Holy Malevolence

  61. Interment

  62. Страсти по Андрею (Andrey Passions)
    Дисциплина и Порядок / Bitum

  63. Decline, Decay
    Mademoiselle Bistouri

  64. The Infernal Depths
    Dosis Letalis / Ropes

  65. XXXXV
    Clive Henry

  66. Split
    I.Sandakov / S.Pakhomov

  67. Tribute to Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

  68. Cadaveric Spasm
    Corpseincinerating Furmace

  69. The Hum Of The Earth

  70. Untitled

  71. Volym 4

  72. Энтропия
    Дисциплина и Порядок

  73. Crackling Worship I
    Dosis Letalis

  74. The Russian Tape

  75. A Memorial Of Vanished Joy
    Daggers // Cloaks

  76. Another Autumn Day

  77. мнепохуйнаназваниеэтогоебучегоальбома
    Дисциплина и Порядок

  78. Train Cemetery's Murum (remixed)
    How I Met Lauren

  79. Split
    Vomir / Train Cemetery

  80. Buried In The Cosmic Silence
    Train Cemetery & How I met Lauren (with remixes by See Through Buildings & Bonechurch)

  81. Murder Time
    The Blade Of Oblivion

  82. LACH

  83. Murum
    Train Cemetery

  84. Liturgy For The Expulsion Of An Angel From The Body Of A Young Christian Woman
    Grand Goat Glorification

  85. Rough Depth
    Sleep Column

  86. Cryptic Parasite
    Sleep Column

  87. Victime De La Mode
    Дисциплина и Порядок

  88. Vysota

  89. Product Of Fear
    Sleep Column

  90. Call Me Lucy
    Lucy Jane Garcia

  91. Нежность
    Дисциплина и Порядок

  92. Asphyxiating Synthetic Obsession
    Anonymous Masturbaudioum

  93. 333-333-333
    Shadow Figures

  94. Split
    Дисциплина и Порядок / Train Cemetery

  95. Dead Man's Letters

  96. Split
    N0123NOISE / Sloth

  97. Oro
    Train Cemetery

  98. Mass Media
    Dosis Letalis


Reason Art Records Elektrostal, Russia

Russian label was founded in August 2016. We publish a works in different styles of Experimental music / sounds: Harsh Noise Wall, Ambient Noise Wall, Drone Noise Wall, Instrumental noise, Experimental, Ambient, Drone.

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